2:06PM – My epic journey begins!
The train will reach Stranraer after 7 hours, and there are 3 changes to make: Warrington (which involves an hour’s wait), then at Glasgow Central and then finally at Ayr. I will be knackered just from this.

As things stand, I still have nowhere to stay in Stranraer but I think I can sort this in the hour gap waiting in Warrington.

In the event there was no wait in Warrington as I caught an earlier, but delayed, Glasgow bound train, which was nice.

I met two Glaswegian chappies, David and John, on the train bringing them home as their mother is dancing in the Opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games which according to the big count-down clock on the concourse start here Glasgow in 2 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes and 31 seconds.

We had a very enjoyable chat on the journey followed by a very welcome pint of excellent beer in “The Horseshoe” a ‘traditional Scottish boozer’ in full swing and very busy due to the Games.

I’m now returned to Glasgow Central station to wait for the train to Ayr.

Now on the train to Ayr, to change there for the final train to Stranraer and it occurs to me as the train rattles swiftly over the tracks south that I shall have to walk north all this way at a considerably slower pace over the weeks to come.

I’m booked into the Harbour Lights guesthouse on Agnew Crescent in Stranraer and I’m glad that that is sorted – a bit of tension on the railway platform waiting for the Internet to do its stuff!

I’m tired and hungry, and just longing for this train to reach Stranraer. No food on it, nor any at Ayr.

I’ve just got into the guesthouse room with a view of the harbour. 1 mile walked with pack, so extra knackered now 🙂 …. the first 450 miles will be the worst and I’ve nearly done one of them!

But a cuppa tea beckons and then I’ll go and find something to eat…

It turns out that the lady running the guesthouse used to live at the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, my ultimate destination all those hundreds of miles away to the north. Perhaps it is a sign?


Day 0 ends with a gorgeous sunset looking out over Ailsa Craig in the distance…