In a little while, I shall be setting off and the destinations are Cairnryan (where the ferry goes across to Northern Ireland) and then by the end of the day to Glenapp (where there’s a church, but nothing else, so far as I’m aware) to camp there for the night.

Reached Cairnryan for lunch as per target. Alive, but knackered.
Feeling better under a sunshade in the shop garden and for eating lunch.

The shop garden

The shop garden

According to the folk in the shop, it’s 3 miles to Glenapp so I have walked 8 miles so far today.
It’s very, very hot. Drank 3 litres of water.

It was too hot and too far when the strap system on the rucksack dropped my sleeping bag and failed.

So I decided to set up camp in a suitable location, not a million miles short of Glenapp but not actually there. Discretion is often the better part of valour as they say!

Setting up camp and cooking a meal took ages as I haven’t done it before. But all is okay. I’m not injured or ill and the camp is fine – just not in Glenapp. I’m high up and the views and the sunset – Wow! Magnificent. Got some good photos.

Very, very hot today. Drank litres of water so tomorrow’s plan may require a re-think on water grounds alone.

I’m sitting a big rock overlooking the bay. It’s not quite dark but I’ll turn in now as I need the sleep. I don’t think last night’s poor sleep helped much today either.