Wild camped last night on the hill above Glenapp near to the mouth of Loch Ryan. A success! I can’t say I slept especially well but after coffee, beans & bacon I am refreshed and set up for the day. It’s currently nearly 8am and I’m packing up the camp ready to move on.

The day promises to be another hot one. The high temperatures, lack of shade and steep inclines at the end of yesterday proved challenging to say the least. But I am alive and well and thanking God for that, I am continuing with my mission.

I’m now at the Haven bed & breakfast in the village of Ballantrae. Showered and changed and got a cuppa tea and some Scottish shortbread inside me.

I feel almost revived.

The kindly old Scots landlady has made me feel most welcome and has shared her tales of the folk she knows with M.S.

Next it’s time for something to eat and to ponder on how I get my money back on my “1000 mile socks” ~ sadly the company’s promise of ‘no blisters for 1000 miles’ may be mere sales puff to them, but it isn’t to my left foot!

Pictures of Ballantrae:
IMG-20140725-WA0005 IMG-20140725-WA0002IMG-20140725-WA0003