By Someone’s design or by raw fluke (take your pick) Alec and Isobel are coming tonight to where I’m staying.

So they offered to bring my rucksack up here to save me carrying it. Great plan, I thought. Rain not being due ’til tonight (it’s half five atm) no bother, I’ll just walk ‘as I am’ – boots, Rohan trousers, tartan shirt.

’twas all aok until it began rain. It’s rained on me mile after mile after mile. There’s no a bit of me that isn’t wet.

This BlackBerry I protected by putting it in a plastic bag I had with me. But everything else is wet.

So, sunburn, bruises, blistered and painful feet and now soaked to the skin. Only my feet & 1000 mile socks are dry as my boots are waterproof.

But I’ve done over 40 miles in 4 days and although 15 miles a day is woefully unreachable I’m feeling good to have got this far, in the circumstances. I am alive and well and injured in but minor ways.