I’m at Tigh Dearg B&B run by Alan who I’ve met and Norma, who I’ve not yet seen.

A word on the finances: To ensure that the donations are entitled to Gift Aid and so maximise the revenue for the MS Society charity no giving goes towards accommodation, travel or equipment costs.

So what you give through the Just Giving site goes directly to the MS Society, minus the small percentage that Just Giving takes to cover its own running costs.

Hope this helps make things clearer.

Thus far I’ve walked 63 and a half miles, which is just short of 15% of the total estimated mileage for the entire route. At this juncture Cape Wrath is still an awfully long way away.

I average about once a day the harbouring of the ‘I’ve got to give this up’ thought, but plod on, on painful feet, regardless.

I walked the 8 miles to Saltcoats in 3 hours & have checked in and set up camp. Sandylands campsite is ‘ok’ but I’m right next to a frequently used railway line.

I think the Jap soldier’s sharpened bamboo shards will have come right through my feet by morning if the current agony is anything to go by.

But I had to get here before ‘closing’ or risk not getting in at all.