I’m still alive. I lost my torch in the tent and couldn’t find it by touch. Too tired to get the back up torch out of the depths of the rucksack I resolved to just get into bed in the dark.

Then I discovered that the sleeping bag zip had come apart and it was impossible to fix in darkness. After a very long day’s walking I just lay under the sleeping bag as best I could and longed for morning and for sleep.

As the campsite here at Saltcoats was the only option & it’s right next to the mainline railway the passing trains, only feet from my head, didn’t help matters.

But as I say, I’m still alive and will press on with my trek today. Yesterday’s was the longest mileage so far so that at least is good.


Trusty tent as it looks in the sunshine, not in the rain as it is today

After 8 days of walking (Sunday was a day of rest), I’ve completed something over 81 miles in all. My feet are still very sore/blistered (there’s no ‘bliss’ in BLISters I’m afraid) but in myself I’m otherwise okay.

Owing to the rightful popularity of the Commonwealth Games, there is no accommodation to be had around here, so after having camped last night it’s back to wild camping again tonight, which is a tad miserable in the rain – (it’s presently raining, but I am in a café!).

On a brighter note, some £430 has been raised so far towards the total I’m aiming for of £2500 – so do please make a contribution if you haven’t already done so – and if you have, please accept my very grateful thanks! Oh, and do keep spreading the word about what I’m attempting to do and why.

In the future, the cure of Neurological illnesses will be looked back on as a milestone in Medical Science, in the way that Smallpox, TB, and ‎Leprosy treatments are currently so regarded. The effort IS worth it – as I have seen, and lived with, the suffering first hand for over two decades before my late wife passed away.