I was feeling very low yesterday. I’d had a bad night and to make matters worse it was raining and I had nowhere to stay, save a hazy plan of some grass by a car park by the sea some miles away.

I asked folk to pray for me and kindly they did. After some miles I ‘happened upon’ a B&B with a ‘Vacancies’ sign: A very rare sight in these parts due to the Commonwealth Games.

It turned out the lady had had a cancellation! A room! So I have had a good night’s sleep, a fab shower and a hearty breakfast!


View of the Isle of Arran from Carlton Seamill B&B

Today the sun is shining over Arran across the sea and it bodes well for the day.

I learned that my good friends from Jura had previously stayed at Carlton Seamill B&B and they too had enjoyed it.


Another view of the Isle of Arran from Carlton Seamill B&B

So another day, a bright horizon and my grateful thanks for an answer to prayer.

PLUS huge thanks to those who’ve given so generously and for all the comments and support I’ve seen too. All much appreciated!

I’ve pressed on as far as Kelburn Castle, up the hill, towards Largs, beyond Fairlie, to camp for 1 night in a field in the castle grounds.

The chap in charge is ex-Para’s and congratulates me on my endeavours walking / carrying this pack.

As the village is back the way I’ve come and I don’t see how to reach the town without just walking to it and back again and then back to it again in the morning (!) it’s hard-tack rations tonight but it’s not raining & anyway I like Maryland cookies 😉

Trying to get enough ‘juice’ via a solar battery charger to power the ‘phone to keep sending the blog updates.


Cooking in the setting sun.


The wooden seat-affair I dragged from across the field to sit on.

There’s a wedding here tomorrow so I’ve been ‘helping’ the staff test the beer for the event. Lovely Williams’ ale from Galloway.