It was raining very heavily when I rose so brekkie was just coffee and a bar of chocolate.

There was then a careful methodical exercise in breaking camp after a poor night’s sleep, followed by a trudge in the rain northwards to Largs for food, electricity and a sneaky-peek at a map in a shop.

I needed to verify the rumour of the chaps I met on the train to Glasgow that there is indeed a passenger ferry from Gourock to Kilcreggan. And indeed there is!

So as is now commonly the case I have nowhere to lay my head but I do have a clear and definite destination. It helps that my compass naturally points north and by and large if I keep the Atlantic on the left I can’t really go wrong. Or can I?

Blisters update (skip this bit if you’re eating): At long long last I think that they are beginning to heal. It’s no longer like walking on shards of glass and I think that beneath the latest round of clean dressings the bleeding has stopped.

I think I’ll live.

My youngest brother, Dave, who’s done a good deal of long distance walking, is no doubt reading this with a wry smile and a laugh that disguises the pain of the past.

Recent progress has been slowed by the need to do some work although I still managed 9 miles yesterday via Portencross and passed by the Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station, which is scheduled to be turned off in 2023 but which currently provides around one quarter of Scotland’s electricity.

A lovely day for walking followed by me on the menu for the midges.

Midge hoods only protect the head!

Midge hoods only protect the head, says Darth Vader