Over the course of the last two days, I’ve covered more than 28 miles and I’m now properly into the Scottish Highlands.

A forced detour yesterday added some miles to the route, but the compensations were seeing deer running through the forest and a fox crossing my path less than 80 yards ahead.

Sadly, work requirements call me back to so-called civilisation and I’ll spend most of the day on trains. It’s true that I already had to return home for ‘a significant birthday’ this weekend anyway, I’m just having to go a little sooner than I’d planned.

Perhaps this is just as well, as a whole new blister zone has opened up on my right foot and the pain towards the end of yesterday was pretty bad.

Over the course of 12 days walking (Sundays are a day of rest) I’ve averaged just shy of 12 miles a day. This is less than my original target of 15 per day but I think I had underestimated the slowing effect of carrying a heavy pack/camping gear and hadn’t factored in the effects of walking on injured feet.

Before I set out on this venture at all, I knew I had to
(a) lose a lot of weight, and
(b) get fit, or at least ‘fitter’.

A total of 3 and a half stones of weight was lost (though I confess to a few pounds going back on before I set out), and with the exceptional aid of Tom Peto – whose services I highly recommend – I did indeed become hugely fitter.

That being said, I have still found the trek so far to be very difficult indeed, largely because the activity is over such a prolonged period of time and I am simply unused to it.

But for anyone planning a Charity Walk or Run, even if you are past the first flush of youth, it IS possible to do with consistent training and a careful watch on what you eat.

The irony here is that my camp food aside, most of the diet currently is fried breakfasts and chocolate, most definitely not on the menu before!

The Arrochar Hotel has very kindly agreed to store my rucksack for me until the 15th when I return to carry on with my journey.

This means I don’t have to lug all the camping gear etc with me on two long train trips. Very good.

It’s a difficult business organising a Charity Walk!