For those of you reading this that haven’t met me I have never done anything like this before, I am past the first flush of youth (I have a grandchild) and as well as doing this Walk I have to work as well.

The latter is why I’m back down south in England, for unavoidable Court commitments this coming week, plus celebrating a significant birthday tomorrow.

Anyone who guesses “60” (or above!) is in big trouble!

My trip from Arrochar and Tarbet Station in the Highlands to visit family and for work was uneventful but long. The first section of the journey re-traced my steps of the day before, all the way back to Garelochhead.

So much faster on the train, and it’s all downhill!

In Glasgow I purchased (at half price) a new Mountain Jacket as the old one didn’t prove to be up to the job in the recent inclement weather.

Away from the endless tramping my feet are healing slowly and I’ve been enjoying some good home cooking too.

Cities are a shock to the senses after so much time spent outdoors in the peace and quiet of the hills and I imagine that Courtrooms and Lawyers will be even more so!


My father found this trekking pole in a car park recently and has donated it to the cause; I’m sure it’ll come in very handy in the sections of the Walk to come.