The night-time storm made sleep difficult but the Thermarest my brother has kindly loaned is a real blessing.

It was STILL raining hard when I got up this morning and the wind was strong.

In such weather with very wet kit I’ve lowered my expectations for any kind of a long distance today, consistent with the injury to my left knee in particular.

The same proves true for the young people I’ve met along the Way, with some VERY hardy exceptions!

The Railway station tea-room has furnished the amber nectar* and I’m now at the Youth Hostel.

It’s not technically open at the moment, but the guy who runs it has opened the door as it’s so wet outside.

A lot of very soggy young people here. The Danish farmers I met yesterday — Anya and Søren — are staying here in Crianlarich but maybe not in the hostel.

*not Foster’s lager, from the old Paul Hogan ads, but some delicious tea. I just appropriated the old Fosters’ slogan.

This is the pack I carry everyday.


There isn’t always a can of beans!

The cap is from my lovely fiancée and is vital for keeping the rain off my specs. I’m not sure that this is what Airbus had in mind for the item!

I’ve no idea what the pack weighs but by the end of each day I’ve generally concluded it would be easier to carry a blue whale from Stranraer to Cape Wrath.