Today is a rest day. Like in Test Match Cricket in the good old days. So I’m not walking today but carrying out important domestic tasks.

I’ve had a nice shower and done some laundry tasks: My Butler is currently ironing the old DJ. 😉

I had a coronation chicken roll for my lunch, the qualities of which could have been better appreciated had it not got so squashed in my coat pocket yesterday.

The privations of this life are hard to bear sometimes.

It’s a nice day here, sunny and warm. Because I’m not walking, of course. I don’t know at what temperature one’s breath condenses on contact with the air – as in Winter, but there were certainly great clouds of it when I went to the loo in the night. Wearing my head-torch of course! It’s very dark here by the loch, but presently very lovely.


The next task is a trip to Fort William by bus. What took hours on foot yesterday is an hour each way on wheels today.

Some important supplies need to be purchased and some route planning tasks need to be carried out. After that, it’s to cook my meal at Kinlochleven and so to bed.

Walking resumes tomorrow. No doubt it’ll be raining again by then.

It turns out I can’t get into Fort William today by bus so the tasks will have to be done tomorrow.

It means a longer resting period now, which is perhaps fitting.

I’ve always regarded Fort William as a kind of psychological half-way; it’s not in terms of miles as I’ve walked 207 so far, but it’s a useful staging post.