I’m about 5.5 miles from Laggan, maybe a bit less but really struggling today.

No food, only a couple of energy bars, hot sun, little shade, little water left and suffering from the effects of not enough sleep. Please could you pray for me.

I took a detour looking for food but it didn’t work and I ended up walking miles out of my way to no effect.

The area here is where the Army and Royal Marine Commandos have been trained since 1942 so you can imagine how hard the terrain is.

It’s killing me but of course I have to get to Laggan in order to rest. I’ve a hostel place booked there.

I’ve walked 2 x 50 minute sessions since then. I’d call them ‘bursts’ but that would convey a false impression of speed.

I think that the cold hasn’t gone, and it explains the cold felt at night and the extreme sweating during the day.

Laggan isn’t in sight yet so I’ve no real idea how much further it is to go.

I’m currently leaning on my rucksack sitting on the ground, on one of my ten minute breaks after every 50 minutes walking.

I have arrived at the Great Glen Hostel, ill but alive.

Energy bars and glucose aside, after my porridge pot this morning, I’ve not eaten until now in 12 hours. Never has a person fallen on food more voraciously.

I’m hugely improving for having some food: onion soup and fried rice with mackerel.

Temperature is being tackled with Beecham’s at present.

But I am grateful to God. Thank you for your concern and praying!!

Clan Cameron Museum, happened upon on my failed detour looking for food. A lovely spot.


The Curator was lost in an immense pile of knitting she could not work on at home for fear of being helped by her kitten.


I had decided to stop to rest whilst not feeling too well.

I could see the bench up ahead. When I reached it, it had my name on it!

You couldn’t make it up!