I slept really soundly at the Great Glen Hostel, which is a well run, comfortable and friendly place.

After some more medicine and a good meal it’s off to Fort Augustus today. I’m not fully well, it’s fair to say but at least my feet don’t hurt!



Aberchalder locks, Caledonian Canal

Yet another lovely lock on the Caledonian Canal

Yet another lovely lock on the Caledonian Canal

It’s either very hot (again) or I am feverish (a real possibility) but I’ve just downed a pint of milk without a pause for breath.

I’ve 3/4 of a litre of water still left. I’m about half way to Fort Augustus, but getting on ok in the circumstances.

I’ve arrived safely in Fort Augustus. What an amazing lovely place!

The canal’s staircase of huge locks runs right through the centre of the village, with the southern tip of Loch Ness at one end of it.

The sight of the elegant sailing craft crammed into the locks in the sunshine and the peaceful unhurried air of the place has straightway got under my skin.

To see a powerful boat finally emerge from the last of the steep flight and charge away north towards Inverness, as if pent up with barely contained speed, brings a sense of the outbound thrill of the sea to this inland highland place, with all the purple heather on the hills.

I’ve returned from ‘town’ (where I went to find something to eat) ‎and taken more Beechams and feel very drowsy, drifting in and out of sleep.

I’ve a brand new blister on my left big toe, plus an new area of broken skin on my right heel. I think both are cope-able with. I am assiduous in my foot care.

The good news is that my ankle sprain is abating — the cause of the limp that Harry recorded.