In the hills above Loch Ness.


You can’t see her in the picture, just out of shot I’m afraid, but the monster has popped up for a brief ‘teaser’ – as ever too quick for the camera.


I am humbled to meet the guys including the Paediatrician/Oncologist from Nottingham Life Cycle 4 raising funds for children’s brain tumour research by riding from Land’s End via Dover to Cape Wrath and ending at John O’Groats, some 1400 miles.

They’ll get to Cape Wrath a whole lot faster than I will!

I mention this because just this morning someone I met at a hostel recently crossed the street to give me £10 for my efforts, saying she does charity fundraising and she knows how hard it is.

Seeing the folk from Nottingham straight after put this into perspective.

Logging operations above Loch Ness. Think before printing out the Internet.


Tomorrow’s walk is 14 miles and the day after’s 18 both of which have well more than twice as much climbing as today.

So I can and do consider, mid point, this almost a rest-day along the Great Glen Way and a mere prelude to the rigours of Sutherland to come.