The exigencies of my work and a need to be able to maintain reliable ‘phone contact all day forced me to walk along the loch-side on the main A82 on Thursday.

The frankly strange circumstances in which I engaged in some legal drafting on my BlackBerry sitting in the sunshine by Loch Ness may have made me look like a weird cross of a BlackBerry catalogue model and Grizzly Adams — but at least it got the job done.

Of course the forecast rain never materialised, so I ended up carrying my heavy coat for 14 miles in the sun.

Frankly, the walk was dull as for the most part, the water wasn’t visible and it was a trudge alongside endless cars and frequent trucks (meaning a quick skip onto the verge to avoid certain death). Not a good day.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get more off-beat, the lady from the MS Society in Scotland rang me to do some ‘Press’, and I spent an hour in a wood, surrounded by gently grazing sheep, discussing my mission, life story and Ruth’s suffering and death through MS in ’09.

And so I finally arrived in Drumnadrochit late, tired, foot-sore and a tad bemused by it all.


Orchard and the railway for the little people of Lewiston near Loch Ness.


Each one of the apples can easily feed a family of four.