En route on Friday from Drum to Inverness, I fell in step and walked for some miles with Daniel and Maye from Singapore.


We settled on a visit to the extremely strange but weirdly lovely Abriachan eco-campsite and café – and we were so glad we did.

The tea, from a proper pot, with tea-leaves, was the best I’ve had in a long long time and although hens had to be dissuaded from joining us with a plant-sprayer, it was a very enjoyable experience.


The welcome from Howie and Sandra could not have been warmer.

A later encounter with their pigs on the trail certainly raised the adrenaline levels but I brought my negotiating skills to the fore and we got through unharmed.

I must add my note of especial thanks to Daniel and to Maye for their very kind contribution to the cause, later the same day. Many, many thanks to you!