After 6 days walking and rest-stops involving camping, B&B’s and hostels I have completed the 75 mile Great Glen Way to bring me from Fort William to the finish plaque at Inverness Castle.

Some exceptionally cold weather led to me catching a cold whilst camping, which has made for difficulties this week, but I felt disinclined to stop and rest.

I enjoyed my time walking and camping with the Polish young couple Pawel* and Carolina*, first encountered on the banks of the Caledonian Canal and only the third couple I have seen walking holding hands. (The second was an elderly couple in Gourock and plainly holding hands for love, not mobility needs!)

But last evening it all came to an end, after some hard and fast walking to reach Inverness. See photo.


Within a minute of the picture being taken, I had a text from the twerp in my accommodation telling me if I didn’t arrive within a certain number of minutes, my booking was cancelled.

Feeling like Phileas Fogg, I hailed a cab and raced across town.

With a display of patience worthy of an Oscar nominee waiting while the ‘guest’ pauses before reading out someone else’s name, I resisted the temptation to biff my new landlord on the nose.

And then I fell into bed to sleep, without even having any tea.

For anyone who thinks that this a jolly jaunt — it isn’t. My left ankle sprain has resumed hurting, so each and every step is properly painful.

And so after my rest day today tomorrow morning I set off on the final leg of my journey, via Ullapool and ever north onwards to the Cape.

*with apologies if I have the spelling wrong!