I slept okay the first few hours, and then only really dozed – in and out of a light sleep for ages, before finally getting another ‘proper’ burst nearer the morning.

I’m currently sitting at a picnic table outside the shop here in Contin, the last shop for 38 miles.

Fortunately the shop sells hot coffee, so I’m recovering without having to boil water down by the river.

I’ll next cook myself some breakfast and break camp and walk to Garve.

It’s 6 miles so it won’t be hard, with 8 point something the day after and then 2x lots of 12.5 on to Ullapool.

Harder, with wild camp in between. I’m just concentrating on the next thing i.e. reaching Ullapool.

I’m off to go and cook breakfast at the fire-site down by my tent by the river.

My tent in situ

My tent in situ

It’s a lovely spot, though the ground is made up of some material that is impenetrable so the tent pegs hardly go in.

I’m going to suggest its use for nuclear blast shelters!

Fortunately it’s not at all windy or I’d have woken looking like an idiot parachutist who’d come down all tangled in his ‘chute – much rip-stop nylon and orange cords with a dazed twerp underneath!