Friday’s walk was the final part of my coast-to-coast section in a week, down from Braemore Junction along the shores of Loch Broom and into lovely Ullapool, one of my favourite places.


I’d intended to wild camp at Braemore but my youngest daughter found a B+B and I stayed there.

My fellow guests’ daughter has MS and we had a good talk. The prevalence of the illness in Ullapool came up again.

The walk was very pleasant in good conditions and although I was very tired, I always am on the 6th day of walking, it was a satisfying feeling getting back onto the west coast ready for the last leg of my journey.

Saturday was a rest day, which meant tackling the anthrax sack of dirty laundry in the bottom of my rucksack, buying some new supplies and route planning, as well as resting.

My dear fiancée was not taken in for one second that it’s me in the picture below but it amused me nevertheless.

The intrepid climber is on the wall of the Outdoor Shop in Ullapool

The intrepid climber is on the wall of the Outdoor Shop in Ullapool

The weather isn’t great.

It is very cold and just a tiny bit like, only a tiny bit like(!) Robert Falcon Scott, I feel like I am racing against the rapid onset of winter.

Help came in two forms both from my very kind fellow guests at the B+B in Ullapool and from its very helpful owner Mrs Robbie Mackenzie.

I can warmly recommend “Carnoch” on West Argyle Street.

With her assistance a bothy was found at Elphin in Sutherland and a hard day’s walk ensued, 15 miles through the mountains in not very great weather.

But I arrived alive and well if also footsore and weary.

Sadly my BlackBerry doesn’t capture the glorious scenery shown to its best advantage in two tiny bursts of sunshine all day.

The bothy in Elphin is owned by Russell and his wife Bridie.

I received a very warm welcome and good times were shared over a beer and real home cooking.

An excellent end to the day.