I’ve arrived at the hostel at Inchnadamph. It’s very nice here.

I’ve covered 24 miles in 2 days, though I was not carrying the pack yesterday. My right foot is very sore, blistered badly at the back of the heel.

My left shoulder also hurts.

But I’m basically okay. I’m more than a third of the way to Durness.

There’s zero mobile phone signal here, even less, unbelievably so, than at Elphin.

However there are massive mountains on all sides one of which, ‘nearly’ has to be climbed tomorrow

I can see the route. I’m not looking forward to it.

Fortunately the hostel has free Wi-Fi and Ian, who is the Warden here, is very helpful and friendly.

‎This is the toughest terrain in Britain. It’s lovely to look at, crippling to walk through.


Though cold the weather has been kind. It’s not as windy as yesterday and there’s been no rain.

It led to another day of walking without really stopping.

The view from Inchnadamph in the direction of Loch Assynt

The view from Inchnadamph in the direction of Loch Assynt

One meets some fascinating people on a trip like this. The hostel here at Inchnadamph must be some kind of magnet for them, like moths to a flame.

I have spent a highly illuminating evening in the company of a long distance walker of vast experience from northern Canada.

Akin to the John Muir’s and Alexander Mackenzie’s of the past. Absolutely fascinating with such a wealth of stories to tell.

What a wonderfully varied world God has made.