The Kylesku hotel Wi-Fi doesn’t actually work, it’s from a satellite and is hopeless.

I’m currently outside getting bitten to death by the midges which are really bad here. Anyway I’m okay, but the conditions are poor.

There’s a large red deer stag near where I’m camped. It has huge antlers. It is not afraid of people and won’t leave.

The people in the camper van next to me, (it is a car park by the Kylesku bridge) invited me in as respite from the midges and we drank tea.

The food at the hotel nearby was nice.

On the way back I met an 88 year old German guy who fought against the British in the war, was a PoW and ended up marrying a Scottish lass after the war, settling here and was the captain of ferry here before the bridge was built in ’82.


The stag is now feeding just outside my tent. It’s very unnerving. It’s unlit here.

I’ve had to emerge from my tent for a bathroom break.

No sign of the deer. It brings whole new meaning to the expression ‘stag night’.