Although it’s still probably 4 miles away I can now see the Kyle of Durness and nearly to where the little boat goes across onto the peninsula up to the Cape.

So the line of low hills on the horizon is the land I’ll be crossing on the very very final leg of my journey. Cape Wrath isn’t going to be visible from this side, but the land between it and me is… just!‎

Yesterday I saw my first sign for Cape Wrath, near to Laxford Bridge. Near it was a sign that said “Ullapool 52 miles” (the other way, i.e. south)

I’ve now walked 400 miles I reckon, just to here, to this spot.

I’m on the beach at the Kyle of Durness having had to get off the road to conduct a pre-recorded interview for Moray Firth Radio in Inverness.

I understand it will be broadcast on Monday when I go up to the Cape.

This counts as one seriously weird life.

The view on the beach in the sunshine is stunning; the downsides are that Durness is still a long, long way off and my feet and shoulders are killing me.

I’m staying at the Youth Hostel. It’s basic but nice. It’s very peaceful here. I’m in the common room at the moment but there’s only me here.

I’m sitting still, too absolutely knackered to move‎.

I’ll bumble about in Durness over the weekend and go to the Cape on Monday.

Mainly I need to get my feet right and just rest. Today’s walk was very hard. But it’s the last carrying the rucksack because I don’t need to take it to Cape Wrath.

I’d like to say I felt elated getting here, but I just feel absolutely shattered, to be honest.

Throughout my whole trip I have not done one touristy-thing.

I passed through Culzean Castle but ignored the sights. I ‘went’ to the Cameron Museum but didn’t go in. Tomorrow I think I’ll go to Smoo Cave next door and break my rule.