Some 424 miles walked, I reached Cape Wrath today in glorious sunshine.

Arrived at Cape Wrath

Arrived at Cape Wrath

Such a beautiful place, and so fitting an end to all my journeying.

The beautiful lighthouse

The beautiful lighthouse, my favourite of the many pictures I took

My good friend Harry wrote recently:

Perhaps when you arrive at Cape Wrath you will stare out to sea for a while. Then you will bend as you deposit your emotional luggage there and walk away.

So apt, so true – and it echoes something that dear Anina said too, recently.

I’ve done a radio interview recently up here, and have another one pending.

For those of you who have posted messages of support and encouragement, and especially given money: my huge, grateful thanks.

For those of you who have been waiting to see if I’d die in the attempt and then give more 😉 even though I haven’t died, please give it anyway!

At any point you, your nearest and dearest, or your closest friend could be diagnosed with M.S. Giving helps find a cure and effective treatment for this most cruel condition. Every little helps.

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God bless you.