To borrow Alistair’s description of ‘feet like hamburger’ (so apt!) all of the areas that were like that have now healed totally and now I’m not walking every day I’ve removed the protective dressings I’ve applied and re-applied so many times and now will live without.

It is an odd feeling, as indeed it will be to wear something other than hiking boots on my feet every day. This, plus not carrying the pack all the time will mean I’ll be able ‘to clear tall buildings in a single bound’ 😉

My journey back down south again has so far consisted of (1) a bus ride yesterday from Durness to Ullapool (2) a bus today from Ullapool to Inverness and (3) a series of train trips from Inverness to South Ayrshire during the rest of today, where again I’ll break the journey with a sleep — before finally finishing it off tomorrow with yet more train rides. Phew!

If one allows for the couple of half days of walking here and there, eg to Crianlarich when I had sprained my left knee and pulled a muscle in my right thigh, the average mileage per day is just a touch over eleven.

I’d set out aiming for fifteen but this proved beyond my capabilities, something I found very frustrating at times, as I seemed to creep across vast landscapes like a human snail.